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About Harley Health Village

Centrally located on the internationally prestigious Harley Street

Harley Health Village is equipped with the latest advanced medical facilities and equipment and attracts some of the top consultants in the UK.

Harley Health Village brings together specialist consultants from a range of disciplines and the centre incorporates two day case operating theatres, consulting rooms, as well as training and seminar facilities which are available to hire.

Whether you’re a patient attending the clinic for a procedure or a surgeon utilising the facilities, you can be assured of the same high quality service, safety and care.


64 Harley Street, London, W1G 7HB

In a modern, friendly environment!

Equipped with the latest advanced medical facilities and equipment

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MONDAY 07:30-20:00
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WEDNESDAY 07:30-20:00
THURSDAY 07:30-20:00
FRIDAY 07:30-20:00

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Phone: 0207 631 4779
Email: admin@harleyhealthvillage.co.uk

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