About Harley Health Village

The top choice for cosmetic surgeries and providers of non-surgical treatments

Centrally located on the internationally prestigious Harley Street, Harley Health Village is equipped with the latest advanced medical facilities and equipment and attracts some of the top consultants in the UK.

Harley Health Village brings together specialist consultants from a range of disciplines and the centre incorporates two day case operating theatres, consulting rooms, as well as training and seminar facilities which are available to hire.

Whether you’re a patient attending the clinic for a procedure or a surgeon utilising the facilities, you can be assured of the same high quality service, safety and care.


  • Theatre facilities
  • Outpatient consulting room facilities
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Linia Skin clinic – dermatology
  • Harley Fertility & Gynaecology centre
  • Harley Vein centre
  • Harley Orthopaedic Stem cell services
  • Harley Training and Seminar



Harley Health Village is located in Number 64 Harley Street London. Harley Street is ‘the centre’ of private medical business in UK. It is considered most prestigious medical district not only in UK but globally.


To seek excellence in all endeavours, aspiring to provide premier services to our patients in a safe and patient-centered environment, and to nurture an environment in which health care professionals and staff can learn and thrive.


To deliver outstanding care to our patients, with compassion, kindness and respect, in the safest clinical environment, with the focus to customize the care to the unique needs of each individual patient, and to advance the field of medicine through education and research.

Our goals reflect the Six Pillars of Excellence (Service, Quality, People, Financial, Growth & Community). These are the foundation around which all of our agendas are built.

We aim is to provide first-class healthcare in a comfortable and welcoming environment; caring for you as we would our own families.

  • We aim to be the centre of excellence in every service we provide.
  • We aim to develop partnerships with our patients built on trust, integrity and mutual respect.
  • We strive to achieve and maintain the highest professional standards in delivering patient care based on best clinical practice. Quality is ingrained in our culture.
  • We act as a team without hierarchical boundaries

Service Excellence

At HHV we strive to create, promote and sustain a culture of Service Excellence. Service Excellence means that we work relentlessly to be a great place, for our patients to receive safe care, our employees to work, and our doctors to practice most advanced medicine.

We are honest, reliable, trustworthy Open and transparent. Integrity and Ownership are built in culture. We are passionate about our work and take pride in our professionalism.

We provide user friendly atmosphere, and continuously invest in medical technology, staff, training and facilities. We encourage creativity and diversity to deliver excellent customer service and achieve positive organisational outcomes.

We treat patients as five star guests, and we do everything we can to ensure that you are well looked after in excellent facilities with top-class catering and patient services.

We focus on delivering results, safely, through leading consultants, the highest hygiene and clinical standards, and investment in technology to ensure we achieve the best clinical outcome.


To Care for our patients, in an exceptional manner, as we would our own families.
To recognise and respect the dignity, individuality, privacy and confidentiality  of every patient and staff member

  • To communicate openly and effectively with patients and staff
  • To maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct
  • To foster teamwork and accountability at all levels
  • To promote ongoing evaluation and performance improvement

Our patients are centre of our World here at Harley Health Village. We aim to assist all our patients in getting back to the business of living their life. Our priority is to ensure that all patients are cared for in a way that is safe, effective, efficient and fair.

We value integrity, credibility and respect for the individual. We build constructive relationships to achieve positive outcomes for all.


To achieve our mission and to realise our vision we have brought together the best people who are dedicated to developing excellent clinical environments and delivering the highest quality patient care. Our staff and consultants are our biggest strength and bring over 40 years of combined experience.

All our clinical and support staff works as one team to achieve our aspirations and goals through sharing ideas and responsibilities in an environment of mutual respect.

Our team has one goal… Service Excellence in all that we do.

Clinical Governance Framework

Our Service Standards are derived from our principles. All our clinical and non-clinical are committed to these Standards.

  • Individual Accountability
  • Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Transparent and clear Communication
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Safety and Security
  • Environment
  • Hallway Etiquette

Patient Information Booklet

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COVID-19 Policy & procedures

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Contact Harley Health Village

We are proud to be the top choice for cosmetic surgeries and providers of non-surgical treatments. Some of the UK’s top cosmetic surgeries choose to use the state-of-the-art facilities at Harley Health Village for their patients.

Please call 0207 631 4779 for more information regarding cosmetic surgery practices operating from Harley Health Village or for details on being a partner at the facility